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Terry Wright-Cervantes Alfredo Color Pencil on Paper 22.5 x 18.5

Valeria Marchio

Roy Poma Mano Milagrosa Mate Burilado y Pirograbado

Marthe Aponte Los Dos Amigos Archival Markers 13 x 17in 2019

Mati Russo Amerikkka Mixed Media on Wood 48x48in 2019

Rebecca Nabarrete Fawn Collage on Paper

Marisol de las Casas

Kat Gaddis-Trevino Starfall1 Giclee on Canvas

Marco Dorado-Lupe Lopez

Edwin Vasquez 5 Mixed Media on Recycled Wood 2019

Iris Vodopivec The Hill of Seven Colors

Juan Solis Nuestra Lucha

Eduardo Medrano Lady Hopi I

Hernando Carrizosa Still Life Acrylic on Canvas 27 H X 27 W

Enrique Espinoza Incertidumbre

Carmen Teal Leonors Portrait Acrylic on Wood 45x45 2014

Daniel Quinonez Genocide

Aura Suarez Woven Identity Mixed on Horizontal Loom 25H X 22W

In Eternal Fornication

David Orion Blanco In Eternal Fornication Pencil and Charcoal

Enrico Mario Santi Beaty Beast Sculpture

Warren Scherich Untitled

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